Pregnant? Worried? Need to talk? Get some info or support? 

    At Jakin, we offer free confidential pregnancy testing and counselling for anyone concerned by a test result. 

    If you are facing an unplanned or a difficult pregnancy we can offer you pregnancy choices counselling

    Finding out that you are (or could be) pregnant can sometimes come as a shock. 

    • You may feel confused or frightened ...
    • You may not know who you can talk to or who can help ... 
    • You may be faced with difficult choices that have no easy answers ... 

    We are only a phone call away 

    07599 397 938* 
    weekdays 9am-5pm 
    (out of hours answer-phone) 

    • You can phone or text to talk with our counselling coordinator 
    • or email
    • or call our coordinator to make an appointment with one of our trained counsellors or support workers at your nearest venue in Leicester / Leicestershire.  
    • Please click for details of our venues 

    Our leaflet can be downloaded which gives details of this service 

       Unplanned Pregnancy

    Still in education? - If you are unable to come to one of our centres we can generally arrange to come to your school or college if this would be of help. 

    *Please remember that only Doctors and Health/Medical Centres can refer women for medical procedures. As a counselling service we offer emotional support and information - including the contact details of a medical centre near you (if you do not want to go to your own doctor)